Finally, A Home Close to Nature and Close to Town- Sold to the Perfect Family


Imagine coming home after a bone crushing day at work to your own private retreat nestled in the sunny warm part of Aptos. The drive through lavish estates and apple orchards start to wind you down as you slowly lose cell phone reception the calls and emails can no longer chase you. Crisp pool and bubbling hot tub where you can have your pool parties.

Crawling in from the car you can go upstairs and get into something more comfy and then go down to the gym for a small workout to release tension.  You can then walk over to the river rock lined hot tub and relax and have your day melt away.  Then you can go meet with your sweetie in the kitchen where you crack open a bottle of wine and cook a romantic dinner……   200_lupine_valley_driveway1

If there are young children in your immediate or extended family, do you have any idea how excited they would get if you made a big deal of having their first pool party.  The party could start on the deck where you organize all the gear- towels, sunscreen, snacks, snorkel, goggles, inflatable shark, and double barrel super soaker.  When the party begins you can sit back and watch the fun from the upper deck safe distance from the water cannon or on the redwood deck by the pool tanning on the lounge chair.  When lunch is ready the kids can all spread out on the deck and dry off while you are just steps to kitchen and can bring out the PBJ sandwiches.  It’s ok if the little guys sneak in trying to grab a cookie as the floors are Saltillo tiles so they are easy to wipe up.  The grown ups can relax in the covered porch or the bar area while listening to toons from the surround sound system.  After a 2nd round of swimming and BBQ dinner the kids can go set 200_lupine_valley_dk7up a tent on the side of the home and have a slumber party while camping on your property.  Armed with walkie talkies relax on the master balcony looking at the stars and sipping a robust glass of wine.  Dear reader, memories like these last a life time.

For more details or to reach Brandi Jones go to and

200_lupine_valley_dk1 200_lupine_valley_dk5 200_lupine_valley_fam1 200_lupine_valley_dr2 IMG_1835 200_lupine_valley_br5 200_lupine_valley_ba4 200_lupine_valley_kit2 200_lupine_valley_kit1 2013-07-30-0413



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