At last, An Alternative Home on Over 14 Acres- sold with multiple offers


Redwood Pavilion
Redwood Pavilion

Imagine coming home after a bone crushing day at work to your own private retreat. The drive through lavish estates and redwood trees you start to wind down as you slowly relax in the swaying curves of the country road as buildings and traffic fade away.  As the gate opens to the private drive you begin to smell the rich forest musk.  Crawling in from the emails and phone calls you can go upstairs and get into something more comfy and then soak in the hot tub that sits below the redwood trees and looks up to the blue sky.  Dry off by swinging in the hammock while you hear the birds chirp and the squirrels scamper along the forest floor.

Welcome to Sylvester Lane.  If you are not familiar with the west pocket of Santa Cruz county known a Bonny Doon, it is the “sweet spot” of over 30 ridge tops that host some of the rarest land in the world and trails for world renowned hiking and biking.  Many large estates are peppered through the madrones, pines, and redwoods.  Some of the most expensive estates in the county are located n Bonny Doon. The drawback is that many of the estates are very large with current “for sale” price in excess of $2 million and reaching $15 million.

Over 14 acres of Redwood Forest
Over 14 acres of Redwood Forest

If you are of the philosophy that seeks and alternative lifestyle and believes in the connection with nature while maintaining some level of modern components, here is your chance to snag a modern geodesic dome home.   Live in your own energy efficient dome home with all the stylish modern home furnishings that your square home could fit.  Illuminated with natural light creating an atmosphere of being close to nature in a comfortable as it is safe they architecturally designed to with stand many of mother nature’s temper tantrums.

Three bedrooms, including the master, make up the 2300 sq. ft. space.  With large angles beds, shelves fit in each of these rooms.  If you have older relatives who cannot do stairs you can accommodate them on one of the 2 bedrooms downstairs.  This space makes for great kids rooms. The master suite offers 2 advantages.  It is upstairs and opens to the large pie shaped skylights, living room and dining room and hosts a large master bath with allows you to have your own space.  The 2nd advantage is that is an office with a built in desk where you can peacefully plan your fund raisers at Waldorff school down the street, balance the home budget, or Skype a conference call in your pjs at 5:00 am in the morning.

Thousands of dollars of upgrades will leave you stunned on how big and clean a dome can feel while having modern appliances.  There are many double pane windows, Kohler plumbing fixtures, updated kitchen appliances, paint, patio, and not to over looked a redwood pavilion that sits at the front of the many walking trails on the property. If there are young children in your immediate or extended family, do you have any idea how excited they would get if you made a big deal of taking them hiking and camping for the first time…on your own land!  The expedition could start on the deck where you organize all the gear- a small tent, canteen, compass, some snack and most

Attention to Detail and Highend Design
Attention to Detail and Highend Design

importantly- walkie talkies.  When the campsite is all set up, your daughter can “radio” this message back to the house “Alpha one to base camp, come in mom.  We have arrived!”  Dear reader, memories like this last a lifetime.

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Attention to Detail and Highend Design
Attention to Detail and Highend Design

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